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Track 1 Topic
Geographic Information
You can find how drone is used for geographic information not only in Korea, but also in Denmark and Japan. From vast territory to place where human can not reach, drone is able to go everywhere and collect data. The geographic information, which is accumulated with core drone technology, will introduce you smarter future. Shipment, land surveying, construction and fire safety become smarter with drone.
Power Source
To be lighter, to fly longer and efficiently, this session suggest everything about drone power source with experts. Power source, such as small engine, hydrogen battery, alternative energy, etc., is the pivot of drone development. You can get an inspiration for another technology from speakers’ experiences which contain their efforts for getting power source technology.
You will face how drone can become smarter with AI. In this session, autonomous technology leading company and IITP(Institute for Information & communication Technology Planning & evaluation) will gather and share their stories.
Track 2 Topic
5G and Drone
In this session, telecom companies and research institutes will share future technology and the prospect of industry. Developing drone, increasing information and quickening speed of communications network! You can experience new speed of changing world which is created by drone and 5G.
One drone includes many cutting-edge technology of sensor and lidar. Have a chance to check this synthesis of high technology! Leading companies which have advanced technology of sensor and lidar will come and tell smarter future.
Through drone, various innovations appear in maritime and fishery area. With many efforts, such as Ocean Drone 555 Vision and active research of technology, drone can be used in various fields, for example uninhabited island or scene of accident where ship can not reach rapidly. Check the potential of drone in ocean!

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* Programs can be revised according to host’s situation.