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January 24th Thursday ┃ Opening Ceremony & Public Session
[KEYNOTE ADDRESS] Present and Future of UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Industry
Philip Finnegan, a Director and Corporate Analysis of Teal Group, will talk about present and future of UAV Industry.
He is an expert in Drone Industry, who has been providing consulting of aviation industry market and corporate analysis to more than 50 countries during 19 years.
[GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT/KEYNOTE ADDRESS] Understanding the Regulatory Sandbox, Em Honggi, Leader of Regulatory Reform Team, Bureau for Regulatory Reform
Regulatory Sandbox refers to a mechanism for developing regulation that keeps up with the fast pace of innovation. By understanding regulation about drone and market trends, get the chance for improve your company.
[MILITARY/KEYNOTE ADDRESS] Progress, Results and Direction of the Dronebot Combat System, Shin In Ho, Executive Chief of Staff, Army Concept & Capability Development, Republic of Korea Army Training & Doctrine Command
Cutting edge technology of 4th Industrial Revolution is actively applied to military area. Dronebot Battle System is attracting attention as cutting edge military strength which can change the territory of the battlefield. Dronebot as new power for national growth! It will contribute to national industry development and also become a core combatant. You can check direction of development and prospects of dronebot in this session.
[Research Institute Session] Aerospace Research Leaders Meeting
Visitors will meet decision makers who lead national industry of drone and aerospace such as executive director of KARI(Korean Aerospace Research Institute), Vice President of ADD(Agency for Defense Development), etc. This session will suggest research direction and plan which follows each institutes’ perspective.
[Global Public Demand Session] Future of Agriculture Drone in Africa
This session will present current position of Digital Transformation and drone with Africa Development Bank. Africa becomes blue ocean in drone industry by importing Busan Drone which is developed by domestic technology. Have a chance for challenge towards new market with grasping public demand of Africa.
[Local Government Session] City Development with Drone
We invite the drone interested from local government who takes a big part in drone application. You can find how drones are used and developed for solving local problems. We hope that you can check what perspective and plans those local governments have about drone and 4th Industrial Revolution.
[Public Demand Application Session] Drone Application in Digital Transformation
You can feel how drone is being used in real life. Republic of Korea Marine Corps, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, National Disaster Management Research Institute, Busan Main Customs, Policy Agency and Korea Southern Power Co, will share their experiences about drone application in public area. This session will show you how successfully drone is used in, for instance, finding typhoon track, looking for the missing and substitute for man in war field.

* Detail information of schedule and speaker will be gradually updated.
* Programs can be revised according to host’s situation.