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Feb 24, DAY1
Classify Time Program
Government Policy
09:30~ Registration
10:30~10:50 Yongsik Song, Aerospace & Defense Industry Team Leader, Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy
"Development Strategy o f Future AAV"
10:50~11:10 Juwon Lee, Convergence Technology Division Director, Ministry of Science and ICT
"Current Status of unmanned System Policy of Ministry of Science and ICT"
11:10~11:30 Daekyeong Choi, Deputy Director, MOLIT, Advanced Aviation Division
"Korea drone policy and challenges"
11:30~11:50 Jang Donghun, Innovative Defense Technology Division, Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Korea
"The strategy for National Defense Drones"
11:50~13:00 luncheon
Session 2.

Keeyoung Choi,
Inha University
13:00~13:20 Jaeyoung Song, Vice President, Hyundai Motor Company
"Hyundai Motor Group's vision of UAM and its Ecosystem Blueprint plan"
13:20~13:40 Dr. Christopher S. Chang, Managing Director, Kakao Mobility Corp
"Seamless Journey across Ground and through Air"
13:40~14:00 Myeonghyo Kim, Vice President, Electric Powertrain TF Hanwha Aerospace Co., Ltd.
"Development of Hydrogen Electric Propulsion System for Eco-friendly
& High Efficiency Future Aviation Industry."
14:00~14:20 Braden J.Kim, CEO, PLANA Co., Ltd.
"Redefined Path for AAM by HeVTOL"
14:20~14:45 Stephan Baur, Principal
& Soosung Lee, Senior Partner/Managing Partner, Roland Berger

"Current status of AAM industry and outlook in the APAC region"
14:45~15:00 Coffee Break (Networking)
15:00~15:25 Opening Ceremony
Session 3.
Various viewpoint for
the drone industry

Changbong Kang,
Director of
Advanced Aviation
Research Division,
Korea Institute of
Aviation Safety Technology
15:30~15:45 Seung-Tae Lee, Representative lawyer, Law Firm Urban & Humam
"The definition and regulatory system of drones"
15:45~16:00 Kangwon Bae, Korea Air Captain, Team leader of Flight operation Quality, Korea Air
"From the Airline pilot's perspective, The practical operational challenges of Urban Air
Mobility in the future"
16:00~16:15 Hosung Nam, Professor, Korea University Dept. of English Language and Literature
"Mathematics for AI"
16:20~17:00 Panel Discussion
Seungho Lee(Deputy Director, MBC) / Seungtae Lee(Representative lawyer) /
Kangwon Bae(Korea Air Captain) / Hosung Nam(Professor)
Feb 25, Day2 Track 1. Drone, industry and applications
Classify Time Program
Session1. Defense
CheolKyu Jee,
Aerospace Technology
Research Institute, Director,
Agency for
Defense Development
09:00~ Registration
10:00~10:25 Jungwon Shu, Head of Dronebot Combat Development Center, Director of TRADOC
"The Vision of Republic of Korea Army Dronebot Combat System"
10:25~10:50 Gilyong Park, Head of Air & Unmanned Systems Department, Navy HQ
"Development Plan of Maritime Unmanned Systems"
10:50~11:15 Sungkyu Jang, Unmanned Systems Policy Team Leader, Air Force HQ
"Integrated technology development direction of manned / unmanned fighter and the development measures of its critical technology"
11:15~11:40 Jongsik Park, Branch Head of Force Requirement Management Branch,
Republic of Korea Marine Corps

"Development toward ROKMC aerial unmanned system based on its mission"
11:40~12:00 Eunshin Choi, Head of Team, Advanced Technology Program Department
"Direction of Defense Drone Project - Focusing on the weapon system"
12:00~13:00 luncheon
Session2. Drone in Extreme Environment
Wanggu Kang,
Unmanned Vehicle
Advanced Research Center
Korea Aerospace
Research Institute
13:00~13:25 Hongkyu Min, CEO, Liberaware CO.,LTD.
"Overcome the limits of human with the world's smallest industrial drone"
13:25~13:50 Jouneho Kim, Principal Researcher / Ph.D., Korea Aerospace Research Institute
"Drone System that can be Operated in a Disaster Environment"
13:50~14:10 Hyuncheol Kim, Director, Center of Remote Sensing & GIS, Korea Polar Research Institute
"UAV applications in Antarctic environmental research"
14:10~14:30 Michael Linden-Vørnle, Chief Adviser, Danish National Space Institute (DTU-Space)
"Drones for research in effects of climate change in the Arctic"
14:30~14:40 Coffee Break (Networking)
Session3. Oceans and Fisheries x Drone
Jaesung Bae,
Korea Aerospace University
14:40~15:00 Jinil Kang, CEO, BORsys Corp.
"High-precision underwater inspection system combining unmanned surface vehicle and underwater drones"
15:00~15:20 Sejin Oh, Research Director, FineVT Robotics LAB
"Marine Drones BVLOS Automatic Navigation and fully automatic take-off and landing technology (extreme cold areas, fishing vessels, marine animals)"
15:20~15:40 Kijung Kwon, CEO, Narma Inc
"Drone application for finding tuna in the ocean"
15:40~16:00 Jaedong Hwang, Research Scientist, National Institute of Fisheries Science
"Monitoring tidal flats, marine mammals, and seaweed using drones."
The 4th Industrial Revolution and the content industry

Yangwoo Park,
Gwangju Biennale Foundation
16:03~16:18 Song Jin, General Director of Policy Division, Korea Creative Content Agency
"Contents industry growing with Technology : Prospects and Challenges."
16:18~16:33 Bumhwan Kim, General Manager, Korea Culture Information Service Agency
"Digital transformation in public culture field (AI docent robot)"
16:33~16:48 Jangcheol Lee, Vice president, PABLO AIR Co., Ltd
"The Future of Cultural Contents Using Drone Technology"
16:48~17:03 Beomjoo Kim, Head of Evangelism, Unity Technogies Korea
"Contents Development cases with Unity Realtime 3D Technologies"
17:03~17:18 Hyungki Kim, Professor, Chung-Ang University Graduate Scholl of Advanced Imaging
"How far can media art be done with drones?"
17:18~17:28 Q&A
Feb 25, Day2 Track 2. Drone Future Technology
Classify Time Program
A.I. x Drone

HyoungJun Kim,
Senior Vice-President,
Electronics and
Research Institute
09:00~ Registration
10:00~10:30 Hyondong Oh, Associate Professor,
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

"Towards More Autonomy for Drones Using AI"
10:30~11:00 Hyunchul Shim, Associate Professor, KAIST
"About Civil RPAS Regulation Progress and Drone Navigation in unstructured indoor environment"
11:00~11:30 Dongjin Lee, Professor, Hanseo University
"Autonomous Drone Flight with Intelligent Object Tracking and Motion Estimation"
11:30~12:00 Hoon Jung, Director, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
"Current Status of Drone Delivery monitoring / Safety Control Technology and Demonstration"
12:00~13:00 luncheon
Session2. DNA+Drone platform
Chaedeok Lim
Director of DNA+Drone
Platform Reasearch Center,
Research Institute
13:00~13:25 BeobKyun Kim, Senior Researcher, ETRI
"Drone Sensor Data Standards and Web-based Spatial Information Visualization"
13:25~13:50 Hyuncheol Jeon, Department head, SKTelecom
"5G Network Technology for Drone Operation and Service"
13:50~14:15 Taein Choi, CEO, CLROBUR Co., Ltd
"[3D Control] Clover Studio Web-based multiple heterogeneous drone control technology"
14:15~14:40 Duk-Kyun Woo, Principal Research Engineer, ETRI
"DNA+Drone Business Model : 4K Live Streaming Based on On-device Metadata Registration and Application Example of Pole-Drone"
14:40~15:00 Coffee Break (Networking)
Session3. Switzerland Special Session
Miguel La Plante-Perez
Deputy Head of Mission,
Embassy of Switzerland
15:00~15:20 Francine Zimmermann, Director Aviation Policy and Strategy,
Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation

"The role of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation : between innovation and regulation"
15:20~15:40 Simon Johnson, Drone Expert, EPFL Innovation Park
"The Future of Swiss Aerial Mobility"
15:40~16:00 Davide Scaramuzza, Professor of Robotics and Perception, University of Zurich
"Learning to fly agilely"
16:00~16:20 Lorenzo Murzilli, Founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting
"Switzerland, the surprising power behind the global framework for drone operations approvals"
16:20~16:30 Q&A

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