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Connected by Drone
The Great Opportunity you can identify the present and future
of the Fourth Industrial Revolution connected by Drone
Drone Show KoreaCharacteristics
The largest drone event in Korea! The largest drone event in Asia!
Specialized drone exhibition and conference that represents Korea


Be upgraded to link with
various government departments
Many public institutions, including
government departments,
national project groups,
research institutes, and public
corporations will participate in the event.
Present the future of
the 4th Industrial Revolution
It will cover the industrial ecosystem
created by the drone
which has been expanded to
the whole Quaternary industry,
including 5G, AI, IoT, VR/AR.
Serve as a platform
for the drone industry
The first specialized drone contents
initiated through the participation of
the public sector, private sector,
military, industries, universities
and institutes.
Drone Show KoreaCommittee
It will be an event of high expertise and initiative!
The future and vision of the drone industry will be presented together with the qualified preparatory committee.
    Head of joint preparatory committee
  • [Professor Kang, Beom-Soo]
    ProfessorKang, Beom-Soo
    Department of Aerospace Engineering,
    Pusan National University
  • [Chief Director Jang, Doo-Hyun]
    Chief Director Jang, Doo-Hyun
    Future Drone/UAS Development
    Research Institute
    Head of joint programme committee
  • [Professor/Founder Oh, Seung-Hwan]
    Professor/Founder Oh, Seung-Hwan
    Department of Photography
    Kyungsung University
  • [Professor/President Yoon, Kwang-Joon]
    ProfessorYoon, Kwang-Joon
    Department of Aerospace Engineering,
    Konkuk University
    / Korea UVS Association
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