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Let your voice be heard Drone Show Korea 2021

 Drone Show Korea, platform of the all possibility of connection
between the industries and expansion
is established through the operation of various sessions,
including an explanation of the 4th Industrial Revolution
such as 5G, AI, UAM and drone-related technologies.
We are seeking your participation.

당신을 필요로 합니다, 드론쇼코리아
Drone Show Korea
-the first specialized drone contents
initiated through the participation of
the public sector, private sector, military,
industries, universities and institutes.

Share your idea on a global platform
: which is the first and biggest in Korea.
만족도 높은 드론쇼코리아의 콘퍼런스
- Inspirational sessions
  : Discover insights and ideas related to
    drone for two days.
- World Wide Drone Leaders
  : Learn from our acclaimed global
    speakers from great scholars, (drone)
    UAV leaders, commercial experts !
- Interactive programs
  : See interactive presentation where
    questions and ideas are shared and
    contacts are made.
Drone Show Korea
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