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January 24th Thursday
Time Program
09:00~ Registration
Morning  10:00~11:25 Opening Ceremony
Keeyoung Choi

[Keynote Address] ‘Philip Finnegan‘ Director and Corporate Analysis, Teal Group
- Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Forecast and Trends
12:10~13:10 Luncheon
Afternoon [Moderator]
Jang, Doo-Hyun

Chief Director
[Keynote Address] Government, Military
13:10~13:25 [Government Department/Keynote Address] 'Em Honggi', Leader of Regulatory Reform Team, Bureau for Regulatory Reform
- Understanding the Regulatory Sandbox
13:25~13:45 [Military/Keynote Address] 'Shin In Ho', Executive Chief of Staff, Army Concept & Capability Development, Republic of Korea Army Training & Doctrine Command, Republic of Korea Army Training & Doctrine Command
- Progress, Results and Direction of the Dronebot Combat System
[Research Institute] Aerospace Research Leaders Meeting
13:45~14:00 ‘Hae-Chang Lee’ Executive Director, Aeronautics Research and Development Head Office, KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)
- UAV Technologies for future UAM
14:00~14:15 ‘Reu Tae Kyu’ Vice President, Agency for Defense Development(ADD)
- Future Disruptive Technology & Drone
14:15~14:30 Coffee Break
[Global Public Demand] Future of Agriculture Drone in Africa
14:30~14:45 ‘Dr. Victor OLADOKUN‘ Director of Communications and External Relations, African Development Bank
- Technology, Communication and Development: Emerging Trends
14:45~15:00 ‘EL KHILI LHOUCINEIT‘ Chief IT Coordinator, African Development Bank
- Using drones to promote agricultural productivity in Africa
Ann, Young Su

Executive Director
[Local Government] City Development with Drone
15:00~15:15 ‘Kim Tae Kyun; Director of center, Busan Technopark
- Smart City Busan made by Drones
15:15~15:30 ‘Lee Sang Wook’ Chief of the Aviation Industry Section, Incheon Metropolitan City
- The Policy of UAV(Drone) in Incheon Metropolitan City
15:30~15:45 ‘James Kwak’ Head of Dept. of Future Biz & Investment, Jeju Free International City Development Center
- Framework for Jeju Drone Project
Oh Seung-Hwan
Kang, Beom-Soo Professor
[Public Demand Application] Drone Application in Digital Transformation
15:45~16:00 ‘Park Sanghyuk’ Ph.D, Republic of Korea Marine Corps
- Drone-bot Combat System employment Concept Development in Battlefield and ICT Development Prospect
16:00~16:15 ‘CHO Si Beum’ Senior Researcher, National Disaster Management Research Institute
- Response of typhoon ‘soulik’ disaster situation through emergency of the public-private cooperation drone emergency management team
- Drone Use in Busan main customs and further plans
16:30~16:45 ‘LEE Byeong-Seok’, Superintenden, KYEONG-NAM PROVINCIAL POLICY AGENCY
- Police drone : Present & Future
16:45~17:00 ‘Lee Eun Kyung’ Head of Future-industry-Strategy-Department, Korea Southern Power Co
- Inspection of wind turbine using drones
January 25th Friday Track 1
Time Program
09:00~ Registration
Topic 1.
Geographic Information

Impyeong Lee
10:00~10:25 ‘Sik Cambon Jensen’ Board member/Business Manager, Geoforum/KMD a/s
- The Sky is NO limit
10:25~10:50 ‘JANG SE JIN’, Principal Research Engineer, CHUNG-ANG AEROSURVEY CO., LTD
- Demonstration of Drone Spatial Information for Utilizing Administrative Use
10:50~11:15 ‘Kenzo Nonami’, Chairman, Japan Drone Consortium
- Current Status and Issues such as Infrastructure Inspection by Drone
Topic 2.
Drone Meets Technology and Fields

Wanggu Kang
Director, UVARC(Unmanned Vehicle Advanced Research Center)
11:15~12:05 Drone Meets Technology and Fields
- ‘MOON Myoung Gi’ CEO, Air-Works / ‘LIM Wan-ho’ CEO, DMZ Wild / ‘Shim Min Bo’, Director, Sidaedrone / ‘LEE Byeong-Seok’, Superintendent (Director, Police drone research center), KYEONG-NAM PROVINCIAL POLICY AGENCY
12:05~13:05 Luncheon
Topic 3. AI&Telecommunication.

Il-gu, Cho
13:05~13:30 ‘Kim Woojong’ VP&Project Leader, SK Telecom
- A growth of drone industry and business opportunities for telecom company
13:30~13:55 ‘Il-gu, Cho’ Director, IITP
- 2019 AI R&D Grand Challenge Promotion Plan
13:55~14:20 ‘Phil Kim’ CEO, J.MARPLE
- AI opens the future of drones
Topic 4. Power Source.

Yoon, Kwang-Joon
14:20~14:45 ‘Colin Guinn‘ Founders, Guinn Partners
- Powering Drones with Clean Energy
14:45~15:10 ‘Kim Seo Young’ President/CEO, Hylium Industries, Inc.
- Liquid Hydrogen Powered Drones
15:10~15:35 ‘Ahn, Jon’ Professor, Sejong University, Dept. of Aerospace Eng.
- Perspectives on small drone propulsion system technologies
15:35~16:00 ‘Susie Cui’ Sales Director, ZEROTECH (Beijing) Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd.
- Market view and importance contents of Drone Swarm Light Show
January 25th Friday Track 2
Time Program
09:00~ Registration
Topic 1. 5G and Drone

AHN, Jae Young
10:00~10:30 Chung (Chris) G. Kang, Professor, Korea University School of Electrical engineering
- 5G Vision and Enabling Technologies
10:30~11:00 Sung Il Park, Director, Qualcom Korea
- 5G vertical Service view
11:00~11:30 'Han Jae Guk', Deputy head of department, KT
- Telecommunication and AI Drone Platform
11:30~12:00 ‘KIM HEE WOOK’, Senior Researcher, ETRI
- Technical Development Trends on Drone 5G
12:05~13:05 Luncheon
Topic 2. Marine

LEE, Yong Kuk
Principal Research Scientist
13:05~13:30 ‘HWANG JAE DONG’, Research Scientist, National Institute of Fisheries Science
- Drone use in the field of Marine and Fisheries
13:30~13:55 'Shin-Je Lee', Researcher, Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology Maritime Security Research Center
- Development of a KIOST Underwater Glider
13:55~14:20 'Yoo LeeSun', Researcher, Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology Maritime Security Research Center
- A Drone Fitted with a Magnetometer Detects Landmines
Topic 3. Sensor (Lidar)

14:20~14:45 ‘Park Jeong Ik’, CEO, TRUEYES Inc.
- Drone & Sensor
14:45~15:10 ‘Yeon Kyu Bong’, Director, Korea Automotive Technology Institute
- Trends of Sensor Technology for Autonomous Vehicle
15:10~15:35 'AHN HYON SU’, CEO, ANH Structure CO. Ltd.
- Introduction of Mission Equipment for Specialization in Disaster Environment
15:35~16:00 ‘Jiseong Jeong’, CEO, SOS LAB Co., Ltd.
- Introduction and Global market issues of LiDAR

* Detail information of schedule and speaker will be gradually updated.
* Programs can be revised according to host’s situation.