Mar 06-08, 2024BEXCO, BUSAN

Conference Pre-registration


DRONE SHOW KOREA CONFERENCE 2024 Pre-registration is closed.

(On-site registration will be available.)

Conference Program

Conference Registration Fee (unit: KRW)

Classification Excluding Luncheons Including Luncheons Note
Standard Fee Regular Participants 200,000 300,000
Students 150,000 250,000 ID proof required
(Only university)
Discounts Early Registration (20%) Regular Participants 160,000 240,000 29th, Jan(Mon)
~21st, Feb(Wed)
Students 120,000 200,000
Discounts for Group (30%) More than 6 registrants
Military / Public Officers 50,000 150,000 ID proof required
Networking Reception 50,000 Optional

Refund Policy

  • Refund 80% of Registration fee : 2.25(Sun) ~ 2.29(Thu)

    Refund 70% of Registration fee: 3.1(Fri) ~ 3.4(Mon)

  • No refunds : After March 5, 2024
    *Refunds are not available starting from the day before the event.
※ You can find detailed information on the refund policy on the Naver registration page.


1. Guidance for submitting Military/ Public Officer and University Student ID documents

  • Military / Public officer and university student can receive the Entry card after submitting their official ID cards or student ID cards.
  • (Regarding discounts for Military/ Public Officer and University Student) Certificate must be submitted: Please send the required document to on the day of registration for the conference.
  • If you don’t submit a required document when receiving on-site, or if it is different from your pre-registration information, you must pay the extra fee based on the regular fee.

2. This conference is for university students and above and professionals.

3. Guidelines for Registration for Group

  • Group registration should be at least 6 people.
  • If one person registers as a representative for a group, representative must fill out all additional information of the group members, including yourself, on the list.

4. Networking Reception Information

  • This event is a networking place for participants after the official schedule ends on the first day of March 6, and only ticket purchasers can enter.
    (*This ticket is only for the networking reception, so you cannot attend the conference session with that ticket.)

    ※ Those who have only registered for the networking reception, can receive your tickets along with the exhibition entry pass at the registration desk located at the entrance of the exhibition hall.

    * Networking Reception
    - Period: March 6th(Wed), 17:10 ~ 19:00
    - Venue: Reception lounge inside the exhibition hall
    - Contents: Networking with related buyer + seller and government
    - Contents: Creating an active networking atmosphere by planning various events

5. Participants Information

  • This event will be held 100% offline and eco-friendly conference, so we don’t provide a printed materials for the presentation.
    (Presentation materials can be downloaded online through on-site QR codes.)
  • All participants must submit their reservation at the registration dest on the day of the conference and enter after receiving their ID cards.
    (If reservation details are not presented, ID card will not be issued.)